Legal Due Diligence is an imperative part of several Corporate Transactions. We pride ourselves for conducting exhaustive and thorough examination of the proposed business or transaction, in order to help you unearth potential risks, liabilities, identify barriers and red flags. Our due diligence reports are comprehensive, integrated and present true valuations.

Its purpose is to acquaint you with the credibility of the business/transaction that you are considering to invest in, to give you a true picture & equip you to evaluate the deal in its fairness & make an informed decision on the merits of the deal.

We are specialised in carrying out extensive Legal Due-Diligence processes for the following type of transactions:

  1. Investment/ Joint Ventures
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions
  3. Right Issue or Preferential allotment
  4. QIB Placement or FCCB Placement
  5. Project Financing

We undertake the following types of Audits & Due-Diligence:

  1. Legal Due-Diligence
  2. Compliance Audit:
  3. Property Due-Diligence:
  4. Vendor Due-Diligence
  5. FEMA Audit
  6. Secretarial Audit
  7. Data Protection Audit