Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century: An immensely, untapped valuable asset. We’re in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever.

With the steady development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in the age where plethora of software applications exists, protection of our data has assumed great importance. This is more so because of the cross-border transportation of sensitive personal data, and the multi-jurisdictional and cloud-based storage of data and the involvement of various national and international laws.

With India making rapid strides towards digitisation and creation of a robust legal framework dealing with data privacy and protection, there is an unprecedented need for businesses in India to upgrade their privacy and cyber security standards to avoid potential liabilities and meet mandatory compliance standards.

The Firm, under the stewardship of its managing partner – Mr. Arun Gupta, who is a Certified Cyber-Law & Data Privacy expert, has experience in counselling clients on issues related to data protection and privacy in India.

Our Privacy and Cyber Security practice focuses on the evolving technological, business and legal issues relating to privacy of data.

We provide extensive support to our clients in the following areas:

  • Data protection audits and gap Analysis
  • Data Protection Preparedness
  • Drafting intra-group/ multi-national data and information exchange agreements
  • Web site privacy policies & terms and conditions
  • Drafting legally compliant agreements, consent forms, etc.
  • Representation and Appearance before courts/investigating agencies.

In order to give impetus to the evolution of our Data Privacy Practice, we have joined hands with various organisations accredited for their expertise on global privacy matters.

We have collaborated with Privacy Alliance-Global Privacy Solutions, which is a renowned alliance for Privacy Professionals & caters to the global privacy needs. Furthermore, we are affiliated with Data Privacy Lawyers, a boutique firm specialising in an array of Privacy and Data Protection related services.

These alliances have enabled us to work seamlessly with our counterparts in other jurisdictions & harness our resources to provide ground-breaking solutions to the privacy-related concerns faced by clients operating globally.