We strive hard to execute our value in work we do. Our core values are important to us as they define who we are and for what stand. They act as powerful guiding principles despite a changing world around us.

Our Mission is “to provide outstanding legal solutions to our clients with a strong emphasis on moral values”.

Our Vision is “to foster long term mutually rewarding relationships with businesses and individuals alike, with the aim of integrating our solutions with their growth”.

That’s how we work

We provide services for businesses, entrepreneurs and public entities. We facilitate success by working in close collaboration with our clients, by personal commitment on all levels and by offering bold solutions. Our aim is seamless cooperation and straightforward communication.

We deliver what you need – plus the little extra that makes all the difference.

We have identified internal processes that allow us to focus on creating value – our clients pay for solutions.

Standards we work for:

  • Client Focused
  • Integrity & Professionalism
  • Enhancing Knowledge
  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Solution based approach

Client Focused:
Clients are our driving force and motivation. We unite forces behind each case to achieve the highest possible impact for the benefit of our clients, and we will go the extra mile where nobody else will.

Integrity and Professionalism: We act with integrity towards our lawyers and employees, and we foster openness and transparency at all levels within our firm. Mutual trust and respect is essential to us.

Diversity and multi-culturalism is at the heart of our business and helps us to respond better to the needs of our clients. Our belief is that diversity creates a positive workforce environment and that our clients only want to work with law firms who respect their lawyers and employees and share their values.

Enhancing Knowledge: Our Knowledge is the vital ingredient for us and ability to learn is the key to success.

The firm has built a learning environment, rich with mentoring relationships and knowledge sharing through invaluable publications, holistic frameworks and access to the most exclusive resources.

 Our Commitment:

  1. Our commitment towards Environment and Sustainability:
    Factum is committed to sustainable business practices. pledge to adopt green practices that reduce waste and encourage recycling, reuse and reconditioning. Taking these measures is a responsible step toward keeping our shared planet healthy. We also volunteer for and support various environmental and societal charities.
  2. Our commitment towards social responsibility as an employer:
    As an employer Factum makes sure that the employees have a healthy working environment in respect of both physical and psychological aspects. However, Factum ensures for its employees:
  • A safe and secure working environment
  • Insight in the business, involvement and personal responsibility
  • Equal opportunities regarding tasks and assignments and the possibility to make a career
  • Zero tolerance against discrimination


We place transparency at the forefront of our interactions, where professionalism and high standards are our main values, and no hidden catch exists. By implementing lean working processes and low leverage, we are able to give clients direct access to our highly experienced team, with the top talent working on each case. By using a horizontal management structure we are able to offer the same level of internal responsibility to each regional and international client, while our decision-making process remains smooth and personalized.

Solution based Approach:


We are hands-on: 
You need professionals who understand your business. You need quick and practical advice for making the right commercial decisions. 
We can do it. We will understand your business needs. We are creative and deliver practical solutions. We react quickly and adjust to changing situations.

We are thorough:
You need thorough advice, solid contracts and firm litigation documents. 
We can do it. We provide strong law that you can depend on. We are all specialists in what we do and complement each other’s expertise. We work efficiently together to obtain the best results for you.

We are approachable:
You need your professional to be open and approachable. You need a lawyer you can trust. 
That is who we are. We will listen to you. We will work hard to maintain an excellent relationship with you. We invest a lot in a great working environment for everybody at our firm. 

“We are here for our client to pursue the legal pursuit”