With our persistent aim of making our sincere effort in ensuring compliances under Companies Act 2013 more user friendly, we have release a new book titled “Procedures and Compliances- A Practical Approach to the Companies Act 2013” published by a well-known publisher. The book has been authored by seasoned professionals CS Milind Kasodekar & CS Shilpa Dixit.

Further, Mr. Arun Gupta, Managing Partner of our firm ‘Factum legal’ got an immense pleasure to work with them as a ‘Technical Editor’.
 This book is enlightened with the procedural and technical aspects of Companies Act 2013 along with the rules and amendment thereto in the form of Checklist, Check Points & Action Points, procedures, List of fines and penalties, compounding etc. Our contribution to this book is as a Technical Editor has added an immense treasure of knowledge and invaluable experience.

Key Features of the book are:

  • Comprehensive list of forms and applicable rules along with the references of chapters and sections of the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Comprehensive lists of fines and penalties-compoundable and non-compoundable
  • Table of applicable fees to be paid to the register at the time of registration
  • Chapter-wise elaborate and detailed coverage of:
           »    Checkpoints to be considered for various procedural requirements
           »    Action points to be taken
           »    Procedures to be followed
           »    Checklist of applicable forms
  • Reference of the provisions of secretarial standards issued by the ICSI (SSI & SS2).
  • Reproduction of relevant sections and rules for ease of reading and reference

We hope this book will be extremely useful for readers to understand the statutory compliances and procedure under the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder. Further, this book will be useful for professionals, entrepreneurs and corporates.

The interested readers can get more acquainted with the Compliances under the Companies Act, 2013 by ordering our book @ Amazon by clicking “”.  The Book is also available for sale at “Pooja Laws House store in Delhi”.

With the ever extending objective of serving in the field of corporate advisory, Mr. Arun Gupta, the Managing Partner of our firm, has co-authored a book titled Desk Referencer for Professionals where he has covered the subjects “Fema & Securities Law” . The Book is published by the well-known publisher- The Bloomsbury India and is available at leading book stores (Cover page is attached for your ready reference).

This book is a very useful reference and a guide to all the professionals working in corporates to get insight into the significant Taxation, Corporate, Foreign Exchange Laws and Employment laws applicable in India. The book comprehensively covers the relevant key provisions under the legal and taxation, corporate laws for a better understanding of compliances under various laws as a ready reckoner.

This book is an exclusive material on matter relating to impact of specified provisions of Companies Act 2013 on foreign companies doing business in India. It covers various forms of business entities in India, procedure of registration of foreign subsidiaries or branch/liaison/project offices in India and various continual disclosures required under the Act. In addition to this, book contained detailed analysis on subjects like share capital, transfer, board of directors, dividend, accounts and audit. To supplement the utility of the book to readers, author has incorporated regulations relating to transfer of shares, opening of office by foreign entities plus the event based disclosures to be made under FEMA, 1999 and Master Circular 2013.

Contents Include:
»    Key Highlights of Companies Act 2013- Impact on Foreign Companies
»    Foreign Companies in India- Modes of doing business in India
»    Procedure for Registration of Foreign companies and office in India
»    Share capital and Allotment of securities
»    Board of Directors & Management
»    Declaration and Payment of Dividend
»    Accounts & Audit
»    Cross Border Merger and Registered Valuer

This book is extremely useful for Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Non- resident who are doing business in India as well as those who aspires to do business in India.